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Many of Atlanta’s hottest restaurants started off as pop-ups or food trucks including Talat Market, OK Yaki, Little Bear, Lazy Betty, and CHE BUTTER JONEZ. Punk Foodie’s listings pull from a continuous tracking of various social media platforms and a database of over 800 active underground chefs and 300 venues allowing readers to know about emerging chefs before they make it to the big time like these folks did.

Founder Sam Flemming is a native of Alabama, a successful China social media entrepreneur, a world traveler and a lover of food. Upon moving to Atlanta a few years ago, he fell in love with the burgeoning underground dining scene filled with pop-up chefs and food trucks — aspiring restauranteurs serving some of the most interesting, cutting-edge, authentic and unique food in Atlanta. The whole thing reminded him of the punk rock scene of yore. Kind of like three chords and the truth...but for food. 

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