What is Punk Foodie? Punk Foodie is a technology powered hyperlocal media for Atlanta (and soon the world) that brings awareness and support those who are driving future of dining. The Punk Foodie platform has a database of over 300 hundred food trucks, pop-ups and other agile food entrepreneurs as well as 300 of the breweries, pubs, and restaurants that host them. We track these across social media to generate structured schedules of ‘who, when and where’ on a daily basis.

Who is Punk Foodie’s audience? Through our Instagram account and newsletter, Punk Foodie has an audience of thousands of folks who enjoy cutting edge dining if not broader life experiences.

How to work with Punk Foodie? Punk Foodie is NOT a ‘pay per post’ kind of deal. We are open to working with innovative partners from media, agencies, technology, payments and others powering the transforming world of dining. We believe that human creativity and authenticity will be at the core of the revolution, even if powered by technology. If you believe the same and/or don't complete understand but think that what we are saying and doing sounds cool, reach out...let's discuss. 



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Punk Foodie partners with Atlanta's Springs Publishing