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Eater Recommends Punk Foodie

For keeping up with the Atlanta food pop-up scene...
If you love pop-ups, but have lamented how hard it is to cull through the noise, check out on Instagram. The account owner, who only goes by "Sam" or "No 1. Punk," does the legwork and exhaustively chronicles all of the Atlanta-area food pop-ups happening around the metro on any given day. Punk foodie is fueled by discovering under-the-radar, local food events from independent and agile food entrepreneurs, including pop-ups, food trucks, and chef-driven cloud/home kitchens. By highlighting these chefs who are creating some of the most exciting, innovative food in Atlanta these days, Punk Foodie is an excellent resource for those looking for the excitement of discovering the next big culinary thing on the dining scene here. Currently, Punk Foodie tracks around 1,000 chefs across hundreds of venues in the city of Atlanta and OTP and will be increasing its coverage and reporting soon.
-Jennifer Zyman, Atlanta based food writer and host of podcast The Food That Binds

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