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Flavor Forward Launches to Help Pop-Up Chefs Address Food Insecurity in Atlanta

Pop up chefs and foodies have the opportunity to participate in the Flavor Forward platform to create awareness and address food disparity in Atlanta by raising money and directly providing fresh, flavorful and nutritional meals to those in need.

The underground dining scene in Atlanta is thriving with over 700 hundred food trucks, pop-ups and other agile food entrepreneurs. These chefs, who collectively have hundreds of thousands of fans on social media, are passionate about their craft and create some of the most unique and delicious dishes in the city.

Food disparity is a major problem in Atlanta. Free99Fridge is an example of one of the organizations addressing the need for meals. Free99Fridge mobilizes the community to fill fridges which are placed outside local businesses with fresh fruits, vegetables and ready to eat meals.

Underground chefs already use their platform for positive change. For example, chefs like Kamayan and Soupbelly already contribute to Free99Fridge by creating and distributing meals to fridges. On one occasion, Soupbelly accepted donations from her followers to make 39 breakfast burritos and delivered them to a fridge.

Inspired by Kamayan, Soupbelly and others, Flavor Forward is a community platform that works with underground chefs and local high school students to prepare and delivers nutritious meals to Free99Fridge and other organizations.

Consumers donate money for ingredients and packaging, chefs donate their time and expertise for cooking nutritional meals and local high school students donate their time to support chefs in the kitchen and to deliver the meals to community fridges where those in need can directly access. Punk Foodie will provide networking and organizational support to establish this ecosystem which can serve as a powerful 'engine' to make a serious dent in food insecurity.

Anyone can donate on

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