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Punk Foodie gives pop-ups a space to shine at Ponce City Market

In the last decade, pop-ups have become a proving ground for emerging chefs. Don’t have the funds for a restaurant? Need proof of concept? Working on your side hustle? Launch a pop-up. With so many pop-ups of different genres in differing parts of the city, it can be hard to keep track of them all. Enter Punk Foodie, a foodie content platform and events agency that builds community for both industry insiders and those who love to eat. But Punk Foodie founder Sam Flemming wanted to do more to help his audience. His network connected him to Jamestown, developer of Ponce City Market, where a food stall had recently become available.

Come October, Punk Foodie is taking over the former Nani’s Piri Piri Chicken space near Umbrella Bar. Named Punk Foodie @ Ponce, it will offer one-to-two-month chef residences and weekend brunch pop-ups, allowing pop-up and food truck chefs to practice running their own brick-and-mortar restaurant. “This is an accelerator not an incubator,” Flemming says. “It’s for adolescent concepts on the edge of being able to open their own.”

Punk Foodie maintains a database of 1,000 chefs—half have built-out profiles in the app. Flemming will check activity level and use his knowledge of the industry to select rotating chefs for the food stall. “I want to make it representative of the diverse pop-up scene,” he says.

The Punk Foodie stall will have a neon sign, murals, and “punk industrial vibes.” Punk Foodie will provide all the equipment, as well as handle maintenance, beverages, and marketing of the stall. In turn, residing chefs will share a portion of their proceeds with Punk Foodie.

Jess Kim and Jun Park of Ganji will be the first residing chefs. They’ll serve Ganji’s American fare infused with Asian ingredients and flavors. The rest of the lineup is as follows:

Monday: Ganji lunch, Frippers Hot Dog chef collaboration dinner

Tuesday: Ganji lunch, Jimmie’s Jerk Chicken dinner

Wednesday through Friday: Ganji lunch and dinner

Saturday: Mighty Hans Taiwanese-American brunch, Ganji dinner

Sunday: Krupana “Bosnian-ish” brunch, Ganji dinner

“We’re trying to strike the right balance between consistency and variety,” Flemming says. “Mondays and Tuesdays are not the busiest typically, so we’re creating unique experience to attract more folks.”

Daily menus will be available on the Punk Foodie @ Ponce Instagram account.

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