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January 19-25, 2024


Sugar Loaf’s Some Like It Hot buttermilk marinated fried chicken sandwich

Sugar Loaf’s Some Like It Hot buttermilk marinated fried chicken sandwich at Punk Foodie @ Ponce

Mother’s Best comes to Argosy in EAV, Beksa Lala is doing pączki pickups, African/Portuguese comes to Sceptre Beer, Seven Fingers releases an arsenal of amazing baked goods at Rebel Teahouse, you gotta try Tony’s meatball sub, and Jackalope x Secret Pint gear up for Soi Cowboy - Thai Meets Texas at Punk Foodie @ Ponce.

To see all 100+ events for the week, check our pop-up finder web app (beta) where you can filter to see the below (and more) recommendations.


January’s line up at the stall continues to dish out great meals day after day. Saturday @sugarloafatl will have our corner of Ponce packed out once again with their liege waffles, breakfast biscuits, and fried chicken sandwiches for lunch. Sunday afternoon @soupbelly_atl returns with delicious walnut shrimp, Cantonese sticky rice, and spicy wontons. Sunday night @rukiskitchenatl doing beef tibs and more Ethiopian favorites.

Monday night’s Limited Edition #6: Soi Cowboy - Thai Meets Texas is going to be killer. Get excited to dine on Prime Brisket Plates with green papaya and shallot pickles, sticky rice, with a nam jim jaew spicy Thai dipping sauce. Smoked Laab made with chopped pork, or chopped shiitake mushrooms, or a third pescatarian version. Chile Relleno made of smoked pork belly or shiitakes (vegetarian version) stuffed into a poblano pepper with pineapple fried rice that's battered, fried, and drizzled with a tofu sauce. Pre-ordering to reserve your meal on Monday nights is highly encouraged. Walk ups are welcome but not guaranteed.


Delicious grilled chicken options in peri peri and more African and Portuguese flavors from @tatso_peri_peri. Tues-Fri: 3-9pm. Sat-Sun 12-9pm.


Just when you thought @tonys_atl couldn’t do any better than his Chicago Beef he goes and outdoes himself. The Patty’s Meatball Sub with homemade pork and beef meatballs, Tony’s Red Gravy he comes in the day before to make from scratch and let simmer, topped with fresh mozz, on soft fresh bread is one of the best lunch or dinner options you can get anywhere in EAV. Don’t forget he does late nights on Fridays and Saturdays. Tues-Thurs 12pm-7pm and Fri-Sat 5pm-3am.


Expect a 12-15 hour whole hog style BBQ menu plus scratch-made smoked beef chili, jalapeno cheddar grits, and collards when @keenans_pit_bbq gets going for lunch at 1pm.


@Beksa_atl dropping pączki pickups happening on Wednesday Feb 7 order here. She will also be at @burlesbar every Saturday with a small-menu-big-flavor rotating classic Polish menu. Watch the punk foodie app for more of her pop ups coming your way soon.


Seven Fingers Baked Goods (Filipino) at Rebel Teahouse on Sunday - ITP - Decatur

@sevenfingersbakedgoods delivering all of the goods alongside the amazing boba teas and fun seasonal drinks at @rebelteahouse. He’ll have his amazing ube cheesecake, pandan sweet rolls, ube poptarts, patis + calamansi scones, and debuting ensaymada danishes he recommends pairing with a Vietnamese coffee. 11am-2pm.

-- is bringing oysters and gumbo to @argosyeav’s steak night every Tuesday. Grilled, raw, and with a dark dark roux gumbo with potato salad and boiled rice.


Don Carne at SOS Tiki Bar on Every Wednesday-Saturday - ITP - Decatur

Taco king @don_carne444 coming at you with a long residency at @sostikibar. That Bulgogi Chicken taco looking like the perfect mix of sweet and savory. Catch Chef Troy and his creative takes on tacos for the next 6 months. He’s always coming up with something new so watch his instagram for specials.




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