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January 26-February 1, 2024


Dhaba BBQ’s Tandoori Chicken Sando with Giardiniera Cilantro Aioli

Dhaba BBQ’s Tandoori Chicken Sando with Giardiniera Cilantro Aioli

Chicas Birria back on Buford Hwy all weekend, Choux Maker bringing blood orange eclairs to OPO Coffee Saturday morning, Dhaba BBQ hitting us hard with a Indian fusion menu you don’t want to miss, EATAVISION brings your favorite dishes from movies to life for you to enjoy in EAV, and Bamreu Cambodian brings an entirely new flavor to Punk Foodie @ Ponce on Limited Edition #7 on Monday night.

To see all 100+ events for the week, check our pop-up finder web app (beta) where you can filter to see the below (and more) recommendations.


This is the last week to enjoy January’s stacked line up of pop up chefs at the stall. To celebrate @soupbelly_atl is making special Bacon Cheeseburger Potstickers we can’t wait to sink our teeth into for Sunday Brunch. @tanbrowncoffee espresso and tea drinks are stellar and with free 30 minute parking you can easily run in and grab one and run out on Tuesday mornings. @gorditasatl’s Chorizo Questotacos are a delicious choice for Tuesday and Wednesday lunch. Try @sugarloafatl’s Chebchebsa before it disappears.

Monday’s Limited Edition #7 is @bamreuatl’s Cambodian cuisine. On special feature for the event is the Scallop Amok, which has tender scallops on a bed of collards with kreuong curry, served with rice. Only 10 of these dishes will be made. Also on the menu will be Prahok Ktis spicy pork dip served with a variety of vegetables, Num Bahn Chok mackerel and chicken coconut noodle served with fresh veggies, Mee Katang wild rice noodles stir fry with Chinese broccoli, carrots, onion and your choice of protein, Cha Kreung stir fry with bell peppers and your choice of protein. Given the limited supply and high demand of all the special items featured on Monday nights ordering ahead is mandatory.


Asian Night Market at Pratt Pullman Yards on Friday - ITP - Kirkwood

Every 4th Friday the Asian Night Market returns to @blameitonthealcohall and @prattpullmandistrict. Tons of vendors for food, drink, crafts, and more. @Orangelionpat is doing Thai along with many more pop up chefs.


Ever wanted to eat some of the most iconic foods you have seen in movies and TV? Well, the team at @eatavision is making your dream a reality. Taking craveable dishes from your favorite films and making them come to life on your plate, enjoy Ted Lasso’s Biscuits With The Boss, The Big Lebowski’s White Russian, The Bear’s Italian Beef, King Fu Panda’s Dumplings, and much, much more. @Tonys_atl, @orangelionpat, @rukiskitchen, @theeldertree, @eavthaiandsushi, and more will be cooking 5-7pm.


@thedhababbq bringing a fire fusion menu to @contrastartisanales this weekend. Debuting their new Impossible Chaat Masala Sammy with a mouth-watering Tandoori Chicken Sando and Beef Tikka Sliders joining it on the menu. Buns are toasted in Amul India Butter, topped with cheese and giardiniera cilantro aioli. 1pm-sell out so get there early.


@bong_ripper316 doing a menu of Chicken Parm Sandwich on Sourdough, Pork Shoulder Arrabiata, Focaccia Toasted Garlic Butter Pomodoro, and several other delicious Italian items. All bread is freshmade by the chef.


You know Godtoh (“hot dog” backwards). Now eat his burgers before he eats your soul. 1pm-sell out.


@chouxmakeratl featuring their Blood Orange Eclair filled with a a combo of creamsicle pastry cream and a blood orange gel for acidity. 10am-sell out.


Birria tacos and plates have never looked more delicious than when @chicas_birria pulls up the truck to any of their 3 typical locations. Find them at 6101 Buford Hwy NE from 12-7pm all weekend long.



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