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October 13-19, 2023


Shrimp Katsu Sando from Ganji at Punk Foodie @ Ponce

Ganji kicks off their residency at Punk Foodie @ Ponce with Globally Inspired Korean Fusion, including this Shrimp Katsu Sando

This is the week of exciting menu items your taste buds won’t want to miss. Punk
Foodie @ Ponce is OPEN! Also check out bahn mi smashburgers, Gucci Mein tacos, a knock-off Chick-Fil-A sandwich available on Sunday and Thai tea creme brulee are just a few of the unique and punk dishes going down in our city.

To see all 100+ events for the week, check our pop-up finder web app (beta) where you can filter to see the below (and more) recommendations.


Punk Foodie @ Ponce is OPEN!

We couldn’t help but put this above the fold….our pop-up emporium experiment at Ponce is now open! Our resident pop-up is @ganji.atl with Globally Inspired Korean Fusion will be there most of the time with the exception of Saturday brunch (@itsmightyhans Taiwanese-American), Sunday Brunch (@krupanaatl Bosnian), Monday nights (different every week!) and Tuesday nights (@atljerkking American Jerk). For the lowdown and full schedule of who’s cooking what and when, check out our website.

Piyesta Filipinx Creatives at Pratt Pullman Yards on Saturday - ITP - Kirkwood

To honor Filipino American History month come celebrate, eat, and peruse art vendors at the @prattpullmandistrict and @blameitonthealcohall Night Market. This free, dog friendly event takes place from 6pm-11pm and features some of our favorite Filipino pop up chefs including @manalosbakery, @SevenFingersBakedGoods, @eggrollinATL, @claireskitchenatl, @estrellitafilipino, @zaratekitchen and @Beikdgoods.

Lots of Chefs at Chow A La Carte on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday - ITP - Lindberg

The Uptown Test Kitchen concept has a weekend chock full of delicious food influenced from all across the globe. Chef Dianna, Chef Michele, Chef Andrea, and Chef Sammy will be cooking up exciting dishes like a bahn mi smashburger, double harissa spiced lamb smashburger, rasta pasta, and more. Check the menus and try offerings from several different chefs at the same time.

Come check out @losborrachosguapos’ new menu for Tuesdays featuring Dorito dust esquites, party potatoes, wings, tacos, and tostadas. Piquing our interest is this vegan Gucci Mein taco featuring “traditional” veggie lo mein. To cap off the meal, try their delicious Gringo Bunuelos with a vanilla horchata glaze and chocolate syrup. Dinner is from 5pm-10pm.

Gödtoh at Elsewhere Brewing on Monday - ITP - Grant Park and Other Spots

It’s hard to describe the greatness that is the enigmatic @godtohatl. A unique character boasting the perfect kind of crazy for hotdogs and all types of food (Godtoh is hotdog backwards). It’s all good: hotdogs, to smashburgers, to his new tacos, wings, and more. You can find him at @independent_distilling this Friday with Peruvian burgers, @aswdistillery on Saturday with tacos, and @littlecottagebrewery on Sunday with brunch burgers, and at @elsewherebrewing on Mondays. Follow our hot dog (and other dishes) overlord here.

One of the hardest working chefs in the industry, @gweilodumplings is always bringing creative takes on all types of comfort food. If you’re like us, the day you crave Chick-Fil-A the most is always on Sunday when they’re closed–but this week–Chef Korey has got you covered. Pay him a visit on Sunday to try his interpretation of the new fried chicken sandwich made with cherry pepper and olive pimento cheese and fire roasted pickled jalapenos. The fried chicken is made with Twisted Tea and Cheetos for a fun and delightful spin on a southern classic sando. Stay up to date on all of his pop ups here.

@baolicious.atl is bringing some very tasty items to @ptreefarmersmkt this weekend. She will have her normal baos, her breakfast baos, and some sweet treats like pandan and ube crinkles, Thai tea creme brulee, and vietnamese coffee brownies we are excited to try. 8:30am-noon.

So So Fed at OK Yaki on Sunday and Monday - ITP - EAV

@sosofedatl is one of ATL’s best pop ups week after week for literally years now. Eater dubbed it “The Best Pop Up of 2022” and things have only continued to get better. A cool spot, great staff, and outrageously good food make this dinner option something you could do every week and not get bored. The Crying Tiger is amazing, the mapo tofu and pork dumplings are succulent and tasty, and the toasted rice milkshake is worth saving room for. Recently Chef Molli has started to do Thursday drops of bahn mi sandwiches and dumplings. Watch her insta to get on the list for pick up. Dinner is served 5pm-midnight on Sundays and Mondays.

Buckets on buckets of fried chicken dropping from to add to the hype of their brick and mortar opening in the old Calle Latina space in Decatur which we are totally stoked for. Pre-orders are available, just check the gram. We heard merch might be dropping soon as well.



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